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In the early morning of October 2nd, Beijing time, in the fourth round of the English League Cup, Liverpool played at home against Arsenal. The attack of the two teams was slightly weak in the first half. Before the end of the half, Takumi Minano had shot the crossbar. After the half-time, the two teams temporarily drew a 0-0 goalless draw.

北京时间10月2日凌晨,在英格兰联赛杯第四轮比赛中,利物浦主场对阵阿森纳。上半场两支球队的进攻略弱。半场结束前,南野琢美(Takumi Minano)射出了横梁。半场结束后,两队暂时抽出0-0的无进球。

In the 8th minute, Arsenal fired a quick counterattack. Pepe dribbled the ball into the penalty area on the left side of the front court and knocked it horizontally. Willock in the center stopped the ball too much, but the ball fell right in front of Enkatia on the right side of the penalty area, but He adjusted too much and the ball was saved by Adrian.


In the 12th minute, Ruota dribbled the ball into the penalty area and knocked on the left side. Grujic shot from the center but failed to gain strength. Liverpool also missed an excellent opportunity.

在第12分钟,鲁奥塔将球运进禁区并将球踢向左侧。 Grujic从中锋射门,但是没有获得力量。利物浦也错过了一个绝佳的机会。

In the 15th minute, Minano Takumi fiercely tackled Saka while grabbing the ball, and the referee showed him the first yellow card of the game.

在第15分钟,Minano Takumi抓住球将Saka猛攻,裁判向他展示了比赛的第一张黄牌。

In the 18th minute, Arsenal players continuously fell into the opponent's offside trap, which made Arteta a little anxious on the sidelines.


In the 25th minute, Saka was dragged by N-Williams when he dribbled the ball from the left front, but the referee believed that there was no foul, which made the Gunners very dissatisfied.


In the 34th minute, Jones took a long shot from the right side of the front court, and the ball was easily confiscated by the goalkeeper. This was the first time the two teams took a goal after the opening.


In the 45th minute, Jota made a header from the left side of the penalty area, and Leno flew to save the ball. Takumi Nanno, who had a supplement shot from the right side of the penalty area, hit the ball on the crossbar, and Arsenal escaped.

在第45分钟,若塔从禁区左侧射门,莱诺飞身将球扑出。禁区右侧补射的南野琢美(Takumi Nanno)在横梁上将球击出,阿森纳逃脱。

After halftime, the two teams temporarily battled to 0-0.


Liverpool starting (4-3-3):


13 Adrian / 76-n-williams, 46-r-williams, 4-van dyke, 7-milner / 16-gruic, 17 Jones, 59 Wilson / 18-nantuo topology, 20 Jota, 11 Salah

13 Adrian / 76-你-Williams, 46-日-Williams, 4-van第一课, 7-米拉奈尔 / 16-国瑞城, 17 Jones, 59 Wilson / 18-难陀topology, 20 jota, 11 SA拉黑

Substitutes: 62-Kelleher, 3-Fabinho, 5-Wijnaldum, 12-Gomez, 26-Robertson, 27-Origi, 67-Elliot


Arsenal start (4-2-3-1):


1-Leno/17-Cedric, 16-Holding, 6-Gabriel, 31-Kolasinac/28-Willock, 34-Zaka/8-Céballos, 19- Pepe, 7-Saka/30-Enkatia

1-列诺/ 17-塞德里克,16-持球,6-加布里埃尔,31-科拉西纳克/ 28-威洛克,34-扎卡/ 8-塞巴洛斯,19-佩佩,7-萨卡/ 30-恩卡蒂亚

Substitutes: 13-Runelson, 23-David-Louis, 3-Tierney, 25-El Nene, 15-Niles, 24-Nelson, 9-Lacazette

替代品:13-Runelson,23-David-Louis,3-Tierney,25-El Nene,15-Niles,24-Nelson,9-Lacazette

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