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   The 2020 CTCC annual final battle was held today at Jiangsu Wanchi International Circuit. After two rounds of fierce competition, Zhang Zhendong lived up to expectations at the critical moment and finally won his fourth CTCC Super Cup annual championship trophy!

2020 CTCC年度总决赛今天在江苏万池国际赛车场举行。经过两轮的激烈角逐,张振东在关键时刻如lol下注用什么lol下注在哪愿以偿,终于赢得了他的第四届CTCC超级杯年度冠军奖杯!

   In the seventh race on Saturday, SAIC Volkswagen’s 333 Team’s Eminda defended 15 laps on the track and finally stood on the podium and won the third place. Although the track performance of the four Lingdu cars was still struggling, the four drivers tried their best and still won more points for the team.


   In the first round of the race on Sunday morning, Zhang Zhendong, who hit the championship of the year, ranked second on the grid. After the lights went off, Zhang Zhendong started relatively conservatively, guarding fourth place after safely entering Turn 1. After adjusting his rhythm, he easily surpassed his opponent to third in the last two laps. Then debris from the collision of the car appeared on the field, and the safety car was dispatched to give the drivers on the field a chance to breathe.


   After the safety car withdrew, it entered the battle for the top spot. Zhang Zhendong followed his opponent very patiently, and did not dare to attack easily without full assurance. When the race came to the last minute, the No. 1 car finally waited for the opportunity to use the corner to clear the opponent and cross the line with a good result in second place. At this time, Zhang Zhendong achieved a go-ahead in the drivers' standings, but only 1.5 points ahead of second place.


   The second round of the race was full of drama, and the top three drivers in the standings have a chance to win the championship. After experiencing a series of situations such as an opponent's start error, a safety car leading the way, and a teammate's car malfunctioning, Zhang Zhendong finally won the title of the Super Bowl Drivers Annual Championship without any risk. This is the fourth time he has won the award. .

比赛的第二轮充满了戏剧性,积分榜上的前三名车手都有机会赢得冠军。在经历了诸如对手的起步错误,带头的安全车以及队友的汽车故障等一系列情况后,张振东最终毫无风险地赢得了超级碗车手年度冠军。这是他第四次获此殊荣。 。

In an interview after the game, Zhang Zhendong said: "This is a very special season. It is not easy to restart the game. I would like to thank the manufacturer SAIC Volkswagen for its continuous support and the common company of all sponsors. Thank you teammates and all team members. The efforts made during the season. I also hope that we can continue to compete with our opponents in the future and make progress together."


The ups and downs of the 2020 season finally came to an end, from the highlight moment of winning 9 trophies at Zhuzhou Station to the difficult driving of the trapped cars at Tianma Station. After experiencing various difficulties, Zhang Zhendong finally won the final battle in Nanjing The annual championship trophy! After all the ups and downs, we will fight again in the coming year!


   (CTCC China Automobile Professional League)


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